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The work-at-home-jobs network

Are legitimate home-based jobs all scams?

workathomewhistleWork at home jobs and the extra income they provide are just a dream for many people. 52% of employees (MORI Survey) wish they could find a way to work at home to correct their work-life balance, or build a business from the comfort of their home. Other groups, such as moms or work-from-home dads, wish they could find a way to earn just a little extra each month via work-at-home jobs. As such we aim to try to connect a variety of people who want to start a home-based income for different reasons, to real employers who are attracted by the professional skills, flexibility and lower cost of home-based job employees.

The Workwhistle work-at-home network allows you to search via 4 methods, all free to use:-

1) Register as a Workwhistle member for free and when your details match a work-at-home employer we will email you (not the employer) the opportunity. We filter out companies we believe are scams, so this is a safer if lower volume option. You will also gain access to our members-only social networking area where you can connect to other seeking work-from-home

2) Search for a work at home job immediately via our free home-based job database. However there is no way of ensuring this database is totally scam-free so please ensure you do not pay for any job opportunity you find here. There is a higher volume here though, so if you are careful you will find something genuine eventually

3) Register with one of our work-at-home affiliate partners, for example you can:


-Search for freelance work at home jobs via GoFreelance, or


4) Finally, you can utilize the Google work-at-home ads such as below

but we have no way of controlling who advertises on these work-from-home Google ads ...so you must be at your most alert regarding home business scamsters. There are real work-at-home job opportunities to be found, but you will need to be diligent.

So, in contrast to the many promises and schemes offered on makeshift online work at home jobs websites, we believe legitimate independent work-at-home is attainable without paying any registration fee, or falling for promises of untold riches or unrealistic dream jobs - but just by connecting genuine home job seekers with legitimate employers who have jobs available for home workers. Crucially Workwhistle is a free social and business networking resource funded by advertising, so you can use the network as much or as little as you want without paying anything.

Haven't you always been more effective in just one hour when you work from home, than in one day in the office?

Have a few hours you could commit to work-from-home while the kids are at school?

Are your office based staff expensive when compared to home workers? Have a short term project for which you could do with someone with experience and commitment?

Why the name?

Yep, it's a bit of a gimmick, but we had to be called something more interesting than 'work at home jobs site'! Also, our WAH philosophy is different. We believe if you get yourself a super fast broadband connection, a laptop, a cheap rate Internet phone why not sit back on the sofa and just whistle for work at home!


Using this site you may make a connection that helps to correct your work life balance, earn extra


income (or save money if an employer). Real results and useful connections are what online business networking communities are all about. And importantly this home-based business network is free to use.

So what are the types of home working could you expect to find to enable you to genuinely start teleworking regularly? Types of work at home include:

All of these jobs may be available through the Workwhistle work-at-home jobs network (Option 1), but only after we have verified the employer. But aside from these roles you may also discover a telework employer who has a special project or task that they need completing - processing insurance applications is one example - but given the seasonal nature of the work do not want to employ full time office-based staff.

How can I make work-from-home connections?

So basically we'd all love to work from home for the same money as office based positions but the question is how? Especially when all you seem to find are empty online scams. This home based network aims to match your profile against the profile of employers & companies who also register - every time there is an exact match our system will email you the job opportunity.

So most importantly, we guarantee employers or companies who register on this site never get your details - you retain the power...hopefully protecting you from scam artists and 'become a work at home millionaire' fantasy peddlers. Via our work at home forum and interactive news topics we have attempted to help you build a realistic network of contacts, discuss tips, and enable you to stay abreast of the latest work at home news.

We believe anyone of any working age or ability should be able to harness the communication, networking and connective power of the internet to build at flexible work from home career. From manual or administrative work to highly skilled/qualified professional freelancing you can discover opportunities to enable you to work at home legitimately, profitably, or (if a work-at home employer) outsource work more cost effectively to genuinely skilled home workers. Work at home moms are using resources like this everyday to seek work and start home businesses - so why can't everyone do it?

Real homeworking

So let's be clear: work-at-home jobs are NOT just about envelope stuffing. This community was founded on the belief that skilled, highly paid professionals now have all the tools they need to work-from-home effectively. Register now if you are looking for a home job or are a telecommuting employer. Believe it, with persistence you will find a legitimate work at home job.

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